About Homework Club?

Homework Clubs are an easy way to increase community engagement in promoting the social, emotional and academic growth of children, opening doors to a brighter future for our kiwi kids.

It's a simple idea. We partner firms, businesses or organisations with local low decile primary schools.  The school makes available classroom or library space for students to gather after school, and a group of volunteers spend an hour a week helping those kids with whatever the school community believes will best support the learning experience of the students.


For some schools it's all about homework, for others it could be a focus on reading, or verbal skills or development focused boardgames.   

But what it means is students get to spend some time with different adults who want to support their learning journey, while also encouraging them to think broadly about education and job possibilities. 

For volunteers, they get to learn too from the students. They're exposed to new ideas and gain insights into the students’ communities, cultures and potential. 

We want more

New Zealand children opening doors to brighter futures

We're very excited to also be able to offer extensions to our Homework Club.  We are running a "Sports Club" at Natone Park School and a "Music Club" at Holy Family School and hope to offer this opportunity to other schools during the year.

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Homework Club Supporters

Thanks to the generous support from our sponsors, we have been able to establish Homework Clubs and help hundreds of children throughout New Zealand. This support also allows us to focus on identifying more schools and partnering them with firms, businesses and organisations in their own community to set up additional Homework Clubs. 

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