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HelpTank strengthens communities through supplying skilled professionals to community organisations

We know people want to use their skills and expertise for good, and we know community organisations need specialist help. 

HelpTank connects you, so that together, you make a bigger difference   

About HelpTank

What is HelpTank?

HelpTank is a website that connects skilled volunteers who are passionate about using their talents and expertise with community organisations to help them increase their capacity, achieve their missions and make a difference.


Over 650 community and not-for-profit organisations from around New Zealand are registered on HelpTank. 

Our aim is to make it easy for people to find the right volunteer opportunity that suits their skills, interests and available time while also helping community organisations to fulfill their needs.

How HelpTank Works

For volunteers...​






Search the available volunteering opportunities, by cause, skill, and location.


Click “Apply now” on a project of interest. Your request will be sent to the organisation.

More Info:

If the organisation needs more information or wants to talk to you, they’ll be in touch.

Get Matched:

If you and the organisation both decide it’s a good fit, you’ll begin working together!

For organisations...​




Define your project:

Outline your needs supported by our templates and tips, and list your project!


Assess applications from keen professionals.

Get Started:

Start working with your professional.

How HelpTnk Works

HelpTank Corporate Partners

We currently partner with companies, networks and organisations to connect their team’s skill sets with meaningful volunteer opportunities. Thank you to the following organisations for collaborating with us

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Our Partners
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