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Media release issued 27 March 2020

Small businesses throughout New Zealand who are struggling to understand exactly how to access financial assistance, have questions about support packages, or just need a business mentor can now get the help they need from skilled volunteers thanks to charitable trust Who Did You Help Today?

“New Zealand is a nation of small businesses who right now are struggling. We’re also a country filled with kind and generous people who want to offer their skills and expertise to help others,” said Stacey Shortall, Who Did You Help Today? founder & trustee.

“For many business owners, all the information about support packages and assistance can be hard to digest at a time they’re watching their livelihoods evaporate. Now more than ever, it’s important to make sure these small businesses can get the support they need.

“We have hundreds of skills volunteers already registered on our Who Did You Help Today? volunteering platforms, who have legal, accounting, management, IT experience. We can very quickly connect them to these businesses to help them navigate their way through these challenging times.

“Support could be anything from helping them to understand what financial assistance they’re eligible to receive to answering questions about government and bank support packages, helping set up audio-visual technology for those now working from home to being a business mentor or supporting with well-being.

“Local dairies, dog walkers, bakeries, florists, hairdressers, plumbers, electricians, painters, takeaway shops…the list is endless, but if we all work to help one another, even if it’s from our own homes sitting in our track pants, we can make a real difference during an incredibly tough time.

“Right now, we need to tell these small businesses that they can get the help they need by being connected with volunteers who have the required skills and expertise to help them through the challenges ahead,” said Stacey Shortall.


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