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Unleashing the magic of helping so that social good grows in New Zealand

We are all about connecting people with opportunities to make a positive difference.

Nau mai and please join us to make a difference

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It all began in 2015...when Stacey Shortall asked an off-the-cuff question to the audience at the 2015 Women of Influence awards dinner. 

That question was: “Who did you help today?” and since then Who Did You Help Today? Trust has helped in excess of 10,000 New Zealanders. 


Stacey asks her children this question each night during dinner,  what she didn't anticipate is how the question would catch on. Within days, this simple dinner-time question had gained such momentum that it was fast becoming a movement. Social media channels lit up. Media stories ran.


And Who Did You Help Today?™ was born.

Who Did You Help Today?

Who Did You Help Today?

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